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The most important thing in all our lives is education, and without it, we are not going to lose anything, but the generation and the world are losing a capable candidate who can serve his/her nation in a better way.

Education is empowerment, with education, everything seems so easy and people will become more and more confident than they are before if education accompanies them.

I am here back again to discuss and to motivate my dear students as well as respected parents in order to bring them all under one shade of a tree called education. Because, children and parents perspective on education is completely different, they are like two unending lines cannot meet at any point.

In our state (Telangana), right now, there are ongoing Board examinations for the 10th class or SSC students. And it is the most vital examination a student has to appear in his/her life being an Indian. This is the first ever-major examination that figuratively decides our future. 

Yes, you heard it right, this board exam is going to decide your future and the impact it will leave on your brain is going to stay with you as long as you live. Remember, not only your friends, but it is this education and knowledge that you are going to take with you wherever you go.

SSC Exams - Prasanna Dasari

SSC Exam and Parents

Parents and SSC Examinations, if we combine these two together, the young minds will be much stressed and they will really feel like hell.  This is why I am right here to bring some kind of awareness to both of them. Because, we were there, and we had already undergone through all those stress and mental illnesses. 

It will be a responsibility on us to guide the young students who are appearing for the exams and feeling like nothing is going to work out. See, nothing is going to work out unless we invest in a huge quality amount of hard work. With the hard work there comes the success.

SSC Exams and the parents are not your enemies, they are the life planners and it is the time to stable your mind and think about the future not as a teenager, but as a responsible person. We all know how much we love our parents, but when coming to the examinations, if the parents prevent us from playing our favourite games or watching a favourite show on television, they appear like the world’s worst parents ever existed. I know, we all had the same feeling, but their intention is not to harm you or hurt you. It is for your own sake.

And for most of the teenagers, if anybody quote ‘it is for their own good sake’ they will get irritated easily. This is because, they are used to hear this world lots of times, repeatedly. But, if you sit and relax, and think about it, you will unquestionably realize how much truth does that particular sentence has.

Role of Parents and Educational Institutions

Educational institutions are getting more engaged in teaching the students with the ultimate goal of getting top marks, during this process, the stress they are impacting on the students is huge. And because of this pressure, there will be a huge mindset changes and students will easily fall prey to the various addictions. 

Instead of targeting purely on the marks scored, if the educational institutions also target on the mental status of the student, then that will be a fine thing to see.

Most of the educational institutions (even the government ones these days) are only focusing on the popularity they gain and to achieve this they are pressuring the students with more load.

When our brain works continuously without any recreation, it will stop receiving more effective commands. Because, we need rest, and holidays are intended to keep the students away from those book knowledge and to develop practical knowledge.
Nowadays we cannot see anyone or any institution which will provide us with this kind of environment.

No Comparison

Comparing the talents and abilities of both the students is not at all correct, because everyone is unique and they have their own life. In our society, we observe many of the parents, as well as teachers, compare the students to others, this makes them weak and push them into the inferiority complex disorder.

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Give Then Freedom of Choice

This is very odd to see these days, a student’s next phase of the study is decided by the interest and likes of a student, but their future is decided by the pressure of parents, relatives and neighbours. 

This is common in our country and that is the reason why the majority of our youth are struggling for being placed in the jobs after their graduation. 


If we keep on discussing, this topic flows like a river, so, finally what I would like to suggest to the parents is, observe your children, understand their inner feelings, stop doubting them unnecessarily, do not discuss about financial issues in front of them until they are at an age of understanding it.
Only make the children feel safe and secure at home, even over caring hurts them too. In addition, once the exams are finished, the waiting period for the results is crucial. Do not waste the time just by waiting, read more the subjects and increase your capability of answering very clearly.
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  1. yes. it is correct. now a days parents and teachers was giving extra burden to students. if you can live them freely and protectively, they will show there knowledge. and students also understand parents efforts. they want to see our children's are in higher potions. so dear parents, teachers and student understand all things and make you future like heaven. with out any guidance's we cannot do any thing. And thank you Mr. Prasanna Dasari to share the valuable information.

    1. Thank you for your kind support Ms. Malya