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By BinSun - March 04, 2019

We always search for an inspiration when we are down. We go to the library and fetch the books, we try to find some inspiring articles on social media and speeches from the other persons. Sometimes we do seek the expert help when the situation gets severe.

Many of the school going kids, college students and also the job holders will have a person or many as the role models. They will copy every move of them and they will try hard to appear like they are the perfect clone of their role models.

To what extent? We take inspiration everywhere, but if it becomes an addiction then comes the trouble. We are all humans and remember that the person you admire is also the same species like us.

There is no Superman in the real world and there exists nothing called super power. We, with our inner strength and mental capability, make the history to rewrite and the inscription will be of our name this time.
Personally while public speaking I have tried to know the pulse of the youngsters, a maximum number of students admitted that they are on their own are just nothing. They need to watch someone or something to boost up or activate the power within them. This kind of attitude is seen much in the teenagers, they are depending on someone to do their daily tasks.

World's Showcase - Prasanna Dasari

Following someone who is good at something is good, we humans are designed in such a way that we will learn from each other and we will rectify the mistakes by doing so. But if it turns out into an obsession, it will become a disease which is hard to diagnose.

Even the grown-ups are with the same kind of thinking, and the next generation is following them without any fail. Fans, celebrity freaks, groups which will follow a single person who is good at something, well nothing is bad, but if it is too much to handle, then it is considered as a danger.

Nobody can provide your identity, you are the sole witness to your talent. You are your self-representative.

We can see these days fans are making huge issues, the love is crossing the borders and limits and they are treating the celebrity like they are everything. As I said before, being a fan is not a crime. It has some limitations though. And students who are going to be the superstars of tomorrow, they need to realize that the actual power is within them.

It is the time to stop seeking for an inspiration and becoming the one

Life is all about exploring and it is the time to explore the inner strengths and make them applicable to real lives. Stop wasting time on things which are nothing but useless and productive less. There is no time to make life an experiment. We learn from the mistakes we made and we recheck not to repeat the same in the future.

It is the moment to become an inspirer, pick up the cause and make it as your ambition and a daily routine. Your dreams must be realistic and make you wake up before sun rising, your dreams must become real within the estimated time. They must be the inspiring ones to them who are around you.

Your identity must not dissolve in others, you must take the necessary steps from now on and realize the importance of education, moral values, and attitude, there is no time to waste.

Your way of living is your identity, make it shine brighter and thicker.

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