Are You Sealed by Life's Challenges? It is the Time To Resurrect

By BinSun - April 21, 2019

Resurrection day is the standard basement for Christianity, there are many things which we need to keep in our mind and maintain the balance when we are losing faith. on this Easter Sunday, I am here with all new topic, and this will increase the levels of faith and raises the dead courage within us. 

Jesus died on the Cross for filling up our lives a sin-free, to lead us through the gates of the kingdom of God, one has to go down, and there is no one except Jesus to choose. Because he is the true form of righteousness and love.  

Today, Christianity is still existing in the world because of the love and patience which Jesus has shown to the world, especially to his hater's community. He never cursed them or asked them for a fight or pleaded the Heavenly Father to bring the curse on to them instead he prayed him to forgive them who are torturing him in all possible ways.

Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." And they divided up his clothes by casting lots.
Luke 23: 34 (NIV)

Today, we do not have any patience,  we fire upon people around us when we are in anger, and we curse them who did something bad to us either directly or indirectly. This is how humans do things. And we cannot change this attitude of ours, that is why the son of a man from the heavenly kingdom came on to the earth and cleansed our hearts and showed us a way to walk in the path, which was already full of efforts and troubles. And that way is to know as the way of truth.

Resurrection Day - Prasanna Dasari

Are You Sealed by Life’s Challenges?

Jesus’s tomb was protected from being entered by any person, the then Roman kingdom has officially banned any entry with their seal on it. And today, in all our lives we are sealed with various problems, the stone, the huge stone is on Jesus’s tomb according to the Bible, it says as follows: 

But when they looked up, they saw that the stone, which was very large, had been rolled away. Mark 16: 4 (NIV)

That very large stone reflects our problems in our real lives, they all seem to be the burden which is unbearable to carry in our lives, it may be of any source, all the problems and worries in our lives will be lifted up just like that large stone on the tomb of Jesus Christ. And the empty tomb resembles our lives which are free from all the bounds. 

Addictions, murders, robbery, and many more bad things are laying the stone upon our hearts, it is our duty to ask God and approach him in a humble manner to lift up them all. For it is an easy task to him, but not for us. He is capable of wiping our tears away and dragging us all from the darkness to the light.

The Resurrection Must Be Within Us:

History boasts about the holiness of Jesus Christ because there was no man ever evolved like him before or after. The prince of peace is a true symbol of love, not just love, but unconditional love.

The resurrection must take place within our hearts, we need to kill the bad things within us and raise with Jesus, daily we are learners of love and we need to practice it daily. It is not just a festival day thing, we need to analyze ourselves daily and crucify our sins to that cross. 

Once purified and glorified, we need to continue the streak until it breaks again. God may forgive you if you repeatedly commit the same mistake, but how about your heart? The answer will be no, the guilty feeling will haunt us wherever you go.

God’s forgiveness is unlimited, but meanwhile, if we commit a mistake by knowing, it is not a thing done by a human. No one can live a happy life by cheating on someone.

Experience the Energy of Transformation:

Once a transformation takes a form in our lives, we need to live to the fullest by accompanying it. Once transformed, that person will be able to realize the mistakes he/she made in the past by misjudging or miscommunication. What we have to learn from Jesus Christ is to love our enemies too. There will be no place for hatred in his heart who is loving Jesus with all his mind and heart. 

Resurrection - Prasanna Dasari


Once the forgiveness and love enter into our body, we will see the things like Jesus, we are bound to the rules and regulations and we hurt God no more with our childish deeds. It is then, with the full heart dedicated to God, by following Jesus, we will lead our steps right through the heavenly doors.
If your life is amidst all the storms like problems, cast away everything on Jesus and wait for the result. All you need is a bit of faith and perseverance. May the Lord God be with us until the end. Amen!

                                         In our end is our beginning, in our time infinity,
                                        In our doubt there is believing, in our life eternity,
                                        In our death a resurrection, at last a victory.
                                       Unrevealed until its season, something God alone can see

                                                                                                             -Natalie Sleeth


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