Humanity is Vanishing Slowly - Time to be Thankful to Dr B.R. Ambedkar and Walk in His Footsteps to Bring Back the True Democracy

By BinSun - April 14, 2019

Today is April 14, 2019, the day on which a legend was born in the year 1891. The one, who was so fond of studies, but couldn’t meet his dreams due to the caste discrimination and many indifferences in the then prevailing culture. 

His childhood was agony, but still, his commitment and bravery made him bring the change which was much needed back in those days. It is his attitude that has inspired millions of lives and touched many hearts and to change their mindset on humanity.

We are all one, we belong to the same species, but we observe huge indifferences among us, colour, caste, race, religion and so on. If we are stick to these things, there will be definitely a day in future where we can only read about the existence of humanity in books, but not in the real world. 

Today is Dr BR. Ambedkar’s 128th Birth Anniversary and there are many things in our culture right now, which are needed to rectify on urgency.

Every one of us dreams about a just and equal India. Where there will be no discrimination and other social evils. The people who are living in towns and cities have zero clues about the villages, where there are still the rules which are in a disrespecting manner and hurts the other person’s morals.

Equality is now a word which has to fetch its own way to dwell among us, there is no equality among us, and Babasaheb has strived a lot to see a country without any differences among humans, but it is still a dream.

We don’t see untouchability these days, but its blood is still flowing in the veins of few people, who treat themselves as superior to others.

The casteism is still alive and no one is capable of defeating it and perishing it completely. We are not able to encounter the thoughts of the so-called higher caste people, who will think that it is the only royalty they gain by taking birth in the particular caste.

The whole of humanity is one, and that togetherness will make a country to get developed easily. In those days, Dr BR. Ambedkar has invested his efforts in eradicating the untouchability and to increase the nature of equality. Since we are a part of democracy, all people should be treated as equals. But, unfortunately, this is not at all happening. 

I personally witnessed the tribes who are still the victims to the higher caste people, they are discriminated convincingly and the society does not even care. I saw a number of villages, where the placing of the houses will be like in the entrance there will be higher caste people and in the forest, at the tail end, there will be tribals who belong to the lower caste. I am questioning the persons who consider themselves as high, ‘where is the equality?’ is this the democratic principles which we swore when we are at schools. Is this what our epic Indian culture has taught us? 

Dr BR Ambedkar - Prasanna Dasari

It is a very silly point that a human will treat the same human as an animal. Of course, the kindness among the men are disappearing these days, we see many living creatures are becoming extinct and deaths to the voiceless animals are occurring in an unnatural way, but we are in a land where people will serve thousands of Gods and have many beliefs and cultures. We are the people belonging to the democratic country and still, we treat the people as untouchables?

You may ask me where is the untouchability these days, well, I have an answer for that, if a boy and girl are in love, they are in fear whether their proposal will be accepted or not by their elders since they are not belonging to the same caste, and we see many incidents that occur around us, a family killing a girl because she loved a person who is of lower caste.

Common India! is this we are proud of? Is this what we call it as freedom and is this for what we fought to gain control from the Britishers? 

It is not just doing homage to the Dr.BR. Ambedkar, it is not just honouring his statue with flowers, it is all about how we are following his views and principles. Nobody is caring about the principles and his goals and dreams about democracy and equality. It is not just a public holiday or for publicity, it is a thought-provoking time to sit and think how we all can contribute our part in making the India caste – free.

The merciless killing and hunting of animals, the ill-treatment towards the other people by the higher caste people; the disrespecting of women in various ways in various fields should be stopped. 

No matter what how be boast about our development of the country, as long as this casteism exists in this country we are all treated as just a heartless person.

Equality is the true concept, where it will be the major source of love and kindness. And if we show love towards each other, the nature of living can be treated as true humanitarian.

On this birth anniversary of Dr BR. Ambedkar, it is our duty to protect the laws and respect the people. If a child again suffers in a school/college like Babasaheb, we are not in a dreamed world. 

India got independence and we don’t have freedom of speech even it is on papers, the politics is now ruled not by the constitution, but by the liquor and money. There is no true leader and the country is supporting the one who imposes his own thoughts on the society, instead of following the constitution.

This is a wake-up call, all the people should be considered equally and this equality must stand everywhere we go. 

How we can change India and bring back the citizens to walk in the footsteps of legends? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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