World Earth Day 2019 - Protect Our Species

By BinSun - April 22, 2019

The Earth, a better place in the whole vast universe where life exists officially, the relativity between the living things and non-living things and their cycles of survival and production are studied and experienced here. 

Our Earth called Green Planet in the entire Solar Family because nature’s lovely touch felt right here. Earth is a home for millions of species, which are discovered until today and to those, which are yet to be discovered. From an insect on the ground to a huge, monstrous Dinosaurs, Earth is the only place where all these can be seen regarding the life.

This green planet is not that much green like before, with the rapid increase in the world population, the necessities also increased and that lead to the deforestation and thereby damaging the nature’s balance.

If we observe clearly, there are threats awaiting us in the future due to the various things we had done to the Earth.

World Earth Day - Prasanna Dasari

We Are In Danger:

When we think with the concept of ecosystem, we are already in danger. The Earth is getting heated up daily because of the Global Warming and usage of plastic, pollution emanated from the vehicles and vigorous usage of factory items. Human beings are so dependable on artificial things these days and they do not care anymore about nature.

The cutting down of trees isn’t stopped even the official statements show the figures on paper how brutally we are behaving towards nature. It is a God gift and we are unable to maintain it like it was before.

Killing of animals and doing business with their leftovers are in a high range too. Due to this, few species will disappear completely from our sight. Once a species becomes extinct, there will be no other way to reproduce it once again using our latest technological laboratories.

Protect the Species:

To create awareness in the midst of the people, we celebrate World Earth Day on April, 22 every year. This year’s theme is to PROTECT OUR SPECIES with the intention to provide an insight into the busy people in the world, it is the nature lovers call to action.

In order to protect the species, we all need to take necessary action and be a part of the team which will be much helpful in safeguarding the web of life. Because everything is interconnected in our ecosystem. 

Not on Papers – Need Activities and Application:

We were reading in the textbooks since we were children saying the same thing many times, protect the earth, protect the lives of animals and stop cutting down the forests. There are also many legal laws against the crimes, but very fewer actions were taken and it is hard to prosecute the criminals in the court because they use reputation and other sources to escape the punishment.

So, here one thing we need to keep in our mind is that all these paper works will just remain on paper, until or unless each and every one of us takes a step to stop the murdering of our own nature. If we are dreaming of a better future, it is the only time to act. 

Together – Anything is Possible:

To stand up to protect the Flora and Fauna, we need a good education system which will teach the students in a better way and implant the love for nature in their minds. Today, the generation is ruled by digitalization, hence, the teaching concepts need to develop lesson plans digitally which will explain and make the student understand the importance of bio-networks and how to avoid destructing it.

World Earth Day - Prasanna Dasari

There is an urgency to spread awareness among the people, even if they know, we need to remind them again and again so that the future issues may little bit reduced.
To support the Earth day, head over to the official site here and be a part of the action plan and campaigns around the world.


To protect the Earth from getting much more heated up, we all need to take necessary action, and practically we need to implement each thing individually so that the risk of getting extinct of any species may be clogged.
Share your views with your family and friends, take social media and let the world hear your voice and you alone can be there to bring the major difference.
For more details on digital resources and how to be a part, visit the link by clicking here.

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